Women sweat more in summer is it good for health

Sweating is an unavoidable problem in hot summer,women sweating too little, the body can not detox, and sweat too much, and will cause women's body and other issues,hot and humid weather, more sweat is also normal, but too far, if the body is excessive sweating or abnormal sweating, you need to be vigilant.

    Sweating is the most effective way of detoxification,throughout the year, only summer can naturally sweat,it is beneficial to the metabolism of human body, the balance of channels and collaterals and the health of immune system.If you don't sweat your body for a long time, the skin will not breathe, and eventually it will cause disorders of the body's metabolic system,and it will transfer the skin's detoxifying function to the kidneys and liver.

    In summer, you tend to lose appetite and indigestion, and the best way to promote digestion is to sweat through exercise.Because sweating speeds up the metabolism of the whole body, helps peristalsis and improves digestion.Especially for people with constipation, sweating through exercise can also help relieve constipation.

     Sweating can deplete the body's excess energy, help to promote the decomposition of fat, have a certain weight loss effect.There is less fat in the body and in the blood vessels, and the chronic diseases and cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and hyperlipidemia are also reduced.Summer itself will be more active cells, at this time to strengthen the movement, scientific perspiration, the effect is usually several times, more conducive to weight loss, improve physical condition, prevention of "three high" and other chronic diseases.

  Normal sweat is without color,if there is a yellow sweat because of some trace elements on the microbial reactions caused by sweat.And some people with diseases of the body, sweat also presents a different color.When the sweat is different from the general color, we must consider whether the body is sick.

   Summer people are easy to sweat, because the outside temperature is high,in order to keep constant temperature, the body constantly sweat and heat.And sweating process is to sweat from the pores, the body surface secretion of oil and debris will also be discharged together.Therefore, sweating in summer can also help to protect the surface of the skin clean and moisturize the skin. Sweat can remove toxins that clog the pores and eliminate acne on the skin.

    Many people tend to eat health products in order to improve their immunity,some health care products contain unknown ingredients, some health care products contain hormones,it inhibits the immune system.The best way is to pass
 scientific sweating.The antimicrobial peptides contained in sweat can effectively resist viruses, bacteria and fungi,sweating can effectively enhance their own immunity, improve the ability of antibacterial and anti-virus.

    Sweating also makes human cells in a state of exuberant,keep your concentration, increase your memory, and make your brain more active.In addition,exercise sweating produces positive effects on the brain, and improves memory and concentration.

Women how to prevent snoring

If we want to avoid snoring when we sleep,need to know enough about the cause of snoring,this is also an effective treatment for snoring symptoms.The incidence of snoring in women is much higher in recent years than in previous years,the cause of snoring in women is also widespread,in general, in order to eliminate snoring phenomenon, found in snoring affect normal breathing under the condition of technical treatment, avoid other risk.
The diet eat or not eat fried, spicy spicy food,such as Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, fried cake, chili, garlic etc..To maintain a good living habits, strengthen their physical exercise,women are prone to snoring when smoking and drinking,avoid alcohol and tobacco addiction, because smoking can cause respiratory symptoms,alcohol consumption aggravates snoring, nocturnal breathing disorder and hypoxemia.Drinking alcohol before bedtime leads to increased blood sugar and blood pressure,leading to respiratory tract narrowing, poor breathing, leading to snoring, so the female friends should be away from smoking and drinking, and some bad habits.

    If you snore occasionally, see if you've chosen a wrong sleeping position,it's OK to correct your sleeping position.In addition, when sleeping, take a right, and it is also a good way to prevent snoring.In severe cases, is to carry out surgical treatment.Choose the right pillow, choose the soft and moderate pillows, and pillows don't pad too high, so that is conducive to breathing comfortable.

   For women who are obese,because obesity is also an important cause of snoring,should pay attention to weight loss, to actively reduce weight, strengthen sports, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, keep a good figure, which help to solve the problem of sleep and quality of life snoring problem.

  Do not take sedative and hypnotic drugs before sleep, so as not to aggravate the inhibition of respiratory center regulation.When sleeping, choose soft point, elastic, high and low pillow, in order to facilitate breathing. You can eat some honey before bed, keep the bedroom air moist, and avoid throat and mouth dryness.

  Before sleep every day,take the onion crunching and then swallowed,continue eating for a week,if there is an effect,then we must continue to adhere to.Special attention is needed,can not be too heavy to bite should be how to determine the specific amount according to their own situation.

 Snoring patients suffer from decreased blood oxygen levels,it is often accompanied by hypertension, arrhythmia, increased blood viscosity, increased heart burden,it is easy to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, so we should pay attention to the monitoring of blood pressure, take antihypertensive drugs on time.

  Use a humidifier, keep the bedroom air moist can avoid the throat and dry mouth, also can prevent the accumulation of excessive nasal booger.

  Snoring is a serious threat to the health of the patient and even death,once found snoring, should be immediately to the ear nose throat hospital inspection and treatment.

Why do women sleep snoring

For men, it's rare for women to snore,but in life there are also women snoring phenomenon,because of social attitudes, snoring women tend to be ostracized.Not only that,the harm of women snoring is not to be ignored.So why do women snore when they sleep?Here's a look at what causes snoring.

    After women fall asleep,if women do not breathe with their noses, but breathe with their mouths,there will be snoring.After some people fall asleep,the whole body muscles are in a state of high relaxation,the small tongue in the mouth hangs down,blocked the respiratory tract,it affects the normal entry and exit of the air,when the air breathing encountered little tongue,will send out the sound of snoring.
    Sleeping posture does not seem to be related to snoring,but there are a few people who snore actually because of sleeping position,sleeping posture is not right,it also easy to cause snoring.A good sleeping position is a slight bow of the body and legs,it's better to go right when you sleep.The wrong sleeping position, sleeping like to lean or tilt,such sleeping position can easily cause airway obstruction and poor breathing,it is easy to cause lung compression, respiratory obstruction, leading to snoring problems.In addition, the best height of the pillow is 10 centimeters,the pillow is too high or too low, can squeeze throat cavity to a certain extent,thus blocking the airway, snoring produced.

     Wrong habits can also cause snoring problems,due to the usual work fatigue, regular overtime, after staying up will also appear snoring phenomenon.If women love alcohol and smoke in their lives, it's easy to snore when they sleep.This is mainly due to alcohol will make the throat muscle relaxation, respiratory tract stenosis, severe sleep apnea will occur suddenly symptoms, apnea can also cause snoring.

     Obese women are more likely to snore.If women a long time don't pay attention to control their weight,often overeating and lack of exercise,it's easy to cause obesity for a long time.When obesity reaches a certain level, girls suddenly appear snoring phenomenon.This is because the body is too fat, fat in the body too much pressure to the lungs, resulting in respiratory obstruction, affecting the normal breathing.

     Some women are born with narrow nasal cavities,stenosis of nasal cavity or pharynx,including abnormal morphology of the nasal cavity or hypertrophy of some glands.The airway is too narrow or blocked, will make people sleep snoring.The airway is normal during daytime wakefulness,but when sleeping around the airway muscle tension decreased, and the supine tongue suffix, caused by airway stenosis and snoring.

     Some women have natural tongue hypertrophy or tonsil hypertrophy, throat relaxation, etc.,can cause pharyngeal stenosis, sleep air flow is not smooth, so as to cause snoring phenomenon.If the deviation of nasal septum, nasal polyp, chronic rhinitis and other physiological abnormalities will cause nasal ventilation obstruction, snoring appeared.If the nasal congestion is serious, it will cause snoring. When the throat disease, such as tonsillitis and other inflammation caused pharyngeal gland swelling, throat breathing channel narrowing, poor breathing leading to snoring.

    Women with cardiovascular disease also snore,diseases related to cardiovascular disease can cause snoring,snoring is associated with cardiovascular disease.Snoring can lead to increased blood pressure, and people who tend to have higher blood pressure tend to have a habit of snoring. So snoring may also be related to hypertension and other diseases.